Sep 08

Questions for the kids!

question 1. If you have 20 dallors in one dallor bills, and a stripper took 13 dallors, how angry will your wife be if she finds out?

question 2. If a drunk frat guy goes down the road at 50 miles an hour and the frat house is 10 miles away, how long will it take for him to hit a tree?

question 3. If you were on the way to your class and you hit 5 cats and 2 dogs along the way how many animals have you killed?

Sep 06

blog questions 9-6-11



  1. What do you like about the math 099/100 class?

So far i like how we get to play games and work together as a team :)

  1. What do you not like about it?

I think i dont like how its so long :/

  1. What are your concerns?

my concern is what else we will be doing in this class

  1. What are your thoughts on the CTM 193 class?

I think its okay and its just like acam :D

 the classes do seem very long

 agreed the games seem to be loads of fun so far

Untitled: Math Questions for week 2 -



I like math 099/100 its a good class of the idea that we work with ilearn on individual learning at different skill levels.

I dont like fact that no matter how hard i try in one area of the situation that im in it seems that i just cant move forward its frustratding

My concern is this it is…

 What is your concern?? I’m alittle lost??

 I agree, the kind of skill we will be learning here are much more reality based… stuff we can use in the future reather than just one class

Blog Questions for Week 2


Now that you have had two weeks in an “individually paced” math course, what are your thoughts?

  1. What do you like about the math 099/100 class? I really like how much the intructor tends to teach the class rather then just talk to them, and example would be, by playing games.
  2. What do you not like about it?everything seems to be ok… no complaints here.
  3. What are your concerns?nothing so far… just notes lol just kidding.
  4. What are your thoughts on the CTM 193 class? I think its a more hands on approch to teaching and learning.

Jul 26

How do I think I am doing in the ilearn program?


I don’t hink any of us have spent enough time in ILearn.  I think they expect us to go to far in one class eapically for the summer.


I think I am doing the best I can trying to learn stuff I did not know and is it pretty cool to suceed at a section of the program.

 I learn seems to be the best way of doing math so far… other then the set back parts ;(

how will you study for the final ?


Then eat and sleep and get back up and start again!!


I plan to do as many of the practice sheets as i can

Practice sheets seem to be the best way of studying and working with a tuter also tends to help.

Jun 27

Latest post of summery

The red white and blues of emotion:
Examining color hue effects on mood tones

April S. Oden and Shannon S. Sholtz
From the Department of Psychology at the Missouri Western State University, performed a study to see if different colors actually change a person’s mood. They took 60 psychology students and gave them four pieces of paper. The first paper had questions to evaluate them to see if they were good candidates for the study. The other 3 pieces of paper each had the 3 primary colors in light and dark shades, with a scale of
 1-10 and boxes labeled calm, exciting, and cheerful the students were to mark what particular feeling the color gave them and to what degree. They collected and tallied the surveys. In conclusion, they found that lighter primary colors give more of a calming affect and brighter colors give a more exciting effect. The different primary colors also gave them a different reactions related to being cheerful calm and exciting.

Jun 09

My feeling regurding math…

I really don’t have much at say when it comes to math. personally I don’t like it all that much. It’s not my best subject. now history. that’s where all the magic is at.

Jun 07

why an I in college?By: n.h

 Well the main reason I’m in college, is due to society. I believe that the world now a days, will not except me if i don’t. i think by going to college, more corps and businesses will higher you. and also for the college experiences. thank you for your time.